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MERGE is part of ClimBEco, an interdisciplinary research school focused on Climate, Biodiversity and Ecosystem services in a changing world. MERGE also offer undergraduate studies and the possibility to do your thesis work within one of our research areas.

ClimBEco graduate research school

To foster a new generation of researchers that can address societal grand challenges BECC, together with the SRA MERGE, have developed ClimBEco. This is an interdisciplinary research school focused on Climate, Biodiversity and Ecosystem services in a changing worldIt is open to all students enrolled as PhD students. 

Courses and teachers

Courses are generally organized and taught by researchers involved in BECC and MERGE. Some courses have been developed that relate to key issues in BECC. ClimBEco is financed by BECC, MERGE and the Faculty of Science in Lund.

Inter-disciplinary skills and mentorship program

Through ClimBEco, PhD students associated with MERGE acquire inter-disciplinary skills and an overview of the environmental, global change and sustainability fields with their many disciplinary aspects. A mentorship program supports PhD students in career planning, building and strengthening networks within academia and the employment market.

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Undergraduate studies

The vast majority of researchers in MERGE are involved in teaching and development of bachelor and masters programs at the universities. Including environmental science, physical geography, geology and physics. Teaching also includes supervision of bachelor and masters theses.

Masters program

BECC and MERGE have joined forces in the making of a Masters program at the University of Gothenburg. The master’s programme in Atmosphere, Climate, and Ecosystems provides you with the opportunity to study the complex global system made up of the atmosphere, climate, and ecosystems, and the related global challenges. As a graduate of the programme, you will be prepared to enter society with broad knowledge in natural science and special competence in a specialized field of science, intermixed with global challenges.

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Thesis work – often outside the universities

Many students in programs within the MERGE research area do their thesis work outside the universities at authorities or private enterprises. Many programs also engage employees of companies, agencies and authorities as teachers, serving to provide students with clear examples of the practical applicability of the skills and knowledge they acquire through their studies in the context of a potential future workplace.

Graduates find jobs as experts, policy advisors or administrators in the public sector (e.g.  Ministry of Rural Affairs, regional councils) or in the private sector (e.g. as forest advisors, consultants).

Read about specific study programs at involved departments.

Interested in doing your thesis work connected to MERGE?

If you would like to do your thesis work connected to one of MERGE's research areas, please contact the respective theme leader to discuss the possibilities.