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MERGE stands for ModElling the Regional and Global Earth system and is a collaboration between: Lund University, University of Gothenburg, Rossby Centre/SMHI, Linnaeus University, Chalmers University of Technology and Royal Institute of Technology.In 2017, MERGE involved more than 120 researchers, including senior scientists, young scientists and other contributing staff.

Trees and fog, photo: Anna Kristiansson


MERGE is a strategic research area hosted by the Faculty of Science at Lund University. Reliable modelling of the Regional and Global Earth system is of utmost importance for society. Even though climate science is sufficiently robust to justify action on climate change mitigation and adaptation, the need to narrow down uncertainties that are central to assessing climate change and its impacts persists. Such uncertainties pertain to climate sensitivity, Earth System feedbacks and interactions and to incomplete understanding of key climate forcings and the interplay of physical and biological climate/Earth System components. This can be tackled with research that in turn supports mitigation and adaptation efforts on global, regional and local arenas.


The vision of MERGE is to establish and develop a major multidisciplinary climate/Earth System modelling node with world leading science and research education on climate/terrestrial biosphere interactions (including vegetation, land use, biogeochemical cycles and aerosols). This is accompanied by societal dialogue in the spirit of social learning by both scientists and stakeholders.


The main aims of MERGE are:

  • Strategic research on key global and regional Earth System models, focusing on the terrestrial biosphere as a critical climate-system component, leading to Improved local, regional and global climate models with climate/vegetation interactions
  • Key contributions in national and international arenas, and fostering a new generation of scientists skilled in Earth System science and advanced climate modelling
  • Improve the societal relevance and use of climate-model research and results
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