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EC-Earth General Assembly 2022

The EC-Earth General Assembly will be held hybrid during Oct. 11 – 13, 2022. The theme of the EC-Earth GA will be on the development of next generation of Earth System models and EC-Earth4. We will review the new science and technology in the Earth system modelling; revisit and report science outcome of, and lessons learned from EC-Earth3; and discuss the progress in EC-Earth4 development.

The logo of EC-Earth with different spaces for the different parts that goes into the model. Logo.

We invite presentations from the community that contribute to the themes of the meeting, as well as from studies using the EC-Earth model in various configurations or relevant to EC-Earth model development. As last year, we also welcome short presentations (2-slides) that inform the community research ideas and new results.

Venue: stora hörsalen, Pufendorfinstitute, Biskopsgatan 3 Lund


Tuesday Oct 11

09:45     Registration with coffee/tea                                                   

10:15     Welcome - Shuting Yang and organization group

10:30     Co-creating the future CMIP
               Eleanor O'Rourke (Director of the WCRP international Project office for CMIP)

11:00     Earth system modelling with the IFS: Ongoing activities and future plans
              Thomas Jung (
Alfred Wegener Institute)

11.30     leg strech

11:40     Science presentations I
                11:45    Katinka Bellomo: Impacts of a weakened AMOC on precipitation over the Euro-Atlanticregion in the EC-Earth3 climate model
                12:00    Katherine Power: Impacts of large scale Saharan solar farms on the global terrestrial carbon cycle using EC-Earth model 3.3.1.
                12:15    Annika Drews: Role of the subpolar North Atlantic region in skillful climate predictions for high northern latitudes: Design of a pacemaker experiment and first results
                12:30    Federico Fabiano: Long-term climate response in a set of abrupt stabilization scenarios with EC-Earth3        
                12:45    Etienne Tourigny: EC-Earth3-CC : An Earth System model for predicting and understanding the global carbon cycle. Lessons learned from CMIP6 and other projects and plans for EC-Earth4-CC

13:00     Lunch                                             

14:00     Science presentations II
                 14:00    Laura Muntjewerf: The KNMI Large Ensemble Time Slice (KNMI-LENTIS)
                 14:15    Thomas Reerink: Reducing the NH cold bias and the piControl /historical oscillations by retuning EC-Earth3.

14.30     New projects with EC-Earth participation
RESCUE:Response of the EarthSystem to overshoot, Climate neUtrality and negative Emissions:
                           Raffaele Bernardello
                      DestinE Climate Adaptation: Jost von Hardenberg
                      ASPECT – Francisco J Doblas Reyes
                      EERIE - Thomas Jung
                      Inpetus4change – Pablo Ortega
                      OptimESM – Torben Königk   

15:30     Coffee/Tea break                                                   

16:00     EC-Earth4 WG report: Klaus Wyser

16.25     Tech WG report: Philippe le Sager

16.45     Break-out Group meeting (BOGs) #1 - ECE4 Hands-on
                                                                         and steering group meeting (partly parallel)

18:00     End of day 1 and transfer to restaurant             

18:30     Dinner at Stadsparken    


Wednesday Oct 12

9:00     CANCELLED
             Ben Smith (Director of Research Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment and MERGE, Lund University)

9:30     Science presentations III
                9:30      Jan Streffing: AWI-CM3 / ECE4-F The unstructured ocean alternative version of ECE4
                9:45      Tommi Bergman: Earth system impacts of a realistic ocean alkalini    sation scenario in EC-Earth3
                10:00     Marion Devilliers: Ocean response to freshwater forcing around Greenland in EC-Earth3
                10:15     Marianne Madsen: Ice sheets in EC-Earth
                10:30    Tian Tian: The role of turbulent heat fluxes through sea ice leads: An ongoing study using the coupled EC-Earth3

10:45     Coffee/Tea break                      

11:00     2 min flash talks
              Klaus Wyser, Pasha Karami, Annemarie Eckes-Shephard, Carl Svenhag, Andre Jueling, Claire Donnelly, Wenxin Zhang, Paolo Davini, Tido Semmler, Virna Meccia

11:30     Science presentations IV
                  11:30    Montserrat Costa Suros: New ice nucleation parameterizations in IFS / EC-Earth3
                  11:45    Bo Christiansson: Some results regarding stratospheric dynamics in EC-Earth3
                  12:00    Stefano Della Fera: On the use of IASI spectrally resolved radiances to test the EC-Earth climate model (v3.3.3) in clear-sky conditions.
                   12:15    Annalisa Cherchi: Effects of aerosols reduction on the Asian summer monsoon prediction: the case of summer 2020
                   12:30    Fransje van Oorschot: Towards a more realistic representation of seasonal and inter-annual vegetation dynamics in LSMs using satellite observations
                   12:45    Emanuele Di Carlo: Impact of realistic vegetation cover on climate prediction.

13:00     Lunch                

14:00     Reports from WGs:
                    CMIP and Tuning WG: Jos von Hardenberg
                    Ocean and Sea Ice: Raffaele Bernardello
                     Land and Vegetation: Andrea Alessandri, Paul Miller and Lars Nieradzik
                     Atmospheric Chemistry and Aerosols: Twan van Noije

15:30     Coffee/Tea break                      

16:00     2 min flash talks
              Tommi Bergman, Xia Lin, Aude Carreric, Miguel Andrés-Martínez, Ruijian Gou, Fatemeh Ghasemi

16.20     BOG #2                

17:00     Reception and poster session                  


Thursday 13 Oct

9:00     ECMWF: progress and plans
             Andy Brown (ECMWF)

9:30      Science highlights from UKESM1 and looking forwards to UKESM2 and beyond
              Colin Jones (NCAS and University of Leeds)

10:00     Paleoclimate WG report: Qiong Zhang

10:20     Climate prediction: Pablo Ortega

10.40     Coffee/Tea break                      

11.10     Reports from BOGs #1 and #2

11:30     Final discussion

12:30     Final remarks and closure 

13:00     Lunch                

Registered participants

André Jüling

Andrea Alessandri

Anna Lewinschal

Annalisa Cherchi

Annemarie Eckes-Shephard

Annika Drews

Arti Jadav

Aude Carreric

Carl Svenhag

Cheng Shen

Christian Rodehacke

Christian Stepanek

Christopher Danek

Claire Donnelly

David Wårlind

Declan O'Donnell

Dmitry Sein

Eleanor O'Rourke

Elisa Bergas-Massó

Emanuele Di Carlo

Eric Ferrer Escuin

Erik Swietlicki

Esteban Rodríguez-Guisado

Etienne Tourigny

Eveline van der Linden

Fatemeh Ghasemi

Federico Fabiano

Fernanda DI Alzira Oliveira Matos

Francisco Doblas-Reyes

Franco Catalano

Fransje van Oorschot

Gerbrand Koren

Hao Zhou

Helena Barbieri de Azevedo

Helena Martins

Jan Streffing

Jing Tang

Johan Friberg

Jose Antonio Parodi Perdomo

José María Rodríguez González

Jost von Hardenberg

Katherine Power

Katinka Bellomo

Klaus Wyser

Lars Nieradzik

Laura Muntjewerf

Laura Thölix

Manu Anna Thomas

Marcus Köhler

María Gonçalves Ageitos

Marianne S. Madsen

Marion Devilliers

Martin Lindahl

Martin Werner

Miguel Andrés-Martínez

 Miguel Castrillo

Moa Sporre

Montserrat Costa Suros

Ning Cao

Pablo Ortega

Paolo Davini

Pasha Karami

Paul Miller

Paul Nolan

Philippe Le Sager

Pirkka Ollinaho

Pontus Roldin

Qiong Zhang

Raffaele Bernardello

Risto Makkonen

Robert Klöfkorn

Ruijian Gou

Saji Varghese

Shiyu Wang

Shuting Yang

Stefano Della Fera

Susanna Corti

Thomas Jung

Thomas Reerink

Tian Tian

Tido Semmler

Tommi Bergman

Torben Koenigk

Torben Schmith

Twan van Noije

Ulrika Willén

Uwe Fladrich


Valerio Lembo

Virna Meccia

Vladimir Lapin

Wenxin Zhang

Werenfried F.M. Spit

Wilhelm May

Xia Lin

Yohan Ruprich-Robert

Zheng Duan

Zhengyao Lu

Zhenqian Wang