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Paul Miller

Researcher Paul MIller, Lund University
paul.miller [at]





Birgitta Svenningsson


Deptuty Coordinator
Researcher Birgitta Svenningsson, Lund University
birgitta.svenningsson [at]




Ben Smith
Research Area leader: Development, modelling and evaluation of climate-vegetation processes (RA1)
Professor Ben Smith, Lund University

benjamin.smith [at]





Jesper Sjolte

Research Area leader: Past variations in climate and vegetation (RA2)
Researcher Jesper Sjolte, Lund University
jesper.sjolte [at]






Mattias hallquist


Research Area leader: Vegetation, emissions and particles (RA3)
Professor Mattias Hallquist, University of Gothenburg,

hallq [at]




Johan Lindström


Research Area leader: Advanced statistics for model evaluation, simulation set-up and analysis (RA4)
Researcher Johan Lindström, LTH/Lund University,

johanl [at]




Project Coordinator:
Susanna Bruzell, Lund University

susanna.bruzell [at]






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Visiting address
The Ecology building, Sölvegatan 37 Lund

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Centre for Environmental and Climate Research
Sölvegatan 37
S- 223 62 Lund

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