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Deteriorating air quality in a warmer world

Dark forest. White fog coming in and grey clouds. Photo.

Not all air pollution are created by humans. As the global average temperature rises, harmful emissions from plants increase and more desert dust is dispersed in the atmosphere. Researchers from the University of Gothenburg ande MERGE-members, among others, warn that this leads to increased health risks.

Climate change does not only mean that the global average temperature is rising by several degrees. As it gets warmer and carbon dioxide levels rise in the atmosphere, air quality will also deteriorate as a result of natural processes, and not only from human caused emissions. There will be more pollution from plants and more dust is expected to swirl in the air in the future, compared to today.

- We have looked at how the air quality deteriorates from these natural sources, to be added to the effects of human pollution," says Erik Thomson, researcher in experimental atmospheric chemistry at the University of Gothenburg, member of MERGE and co-author of a new scientific study on the subject.

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Read the entire article in Swedish at the University of Gothenburg: Sämre luftkvalitet i en varmare värld. 

Scientific article in Communications Earth & Environment: The projected future degradation in air quality is caused by more abundant natural aerosols in a warmer world